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【PUBG】「JUNGLE CRATEをTwitchプライム限定で配布!」コートやスカーフ、武器スキンをゲットしよう!


※JUNGLE CRATEは8月17日からTwichプライムメンバー限定でを手に入れることが出来ます。







Starting August 17th, Twitch Prime members can get their hands on the Jungle Crate — the third set of exclusive PUBG crates available only with Twitch Prime.

Take down your enemies whilst fashionably blending in to the wild savagery of the jungle — even battle royale survivors have to look good! The Jungle Crate contains 8 items, including two weapon skins: Croc Bite for the M16A4 and Bengal Blade for the SCAR-L.

The full list of items in the Jungle Crate:

  • Explorer Hat
  • Tiger Print Bandana
  • Explorer Coat
  • Leopard Print Vest
  • Explorer Knickers
  • Leather Boots
  • Croc Bite Weapon Skin
  • Bengal Blade Weapon Skin

Get out there and sashay down the wild jungle runway starting August 17th!


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